Our company has a team of the top experts in aquaculture from around the world.

We continue to collaborate extensively with the leading universities and industry experts.

We have strong general and specific technical services to support the entire lifecycle.

We provide a bio-economic model to provide financially sound solutions.

We have a proven track record of 24 years of accumulated experience..

Our Aquaculture Technology Center in Lenca represents a synergy between genetics and R&D in the industry.

Aquainnovo is proud to have led industry breakthroughs, such as the SNP-CHIP® 50K.

We bring together a genetics database of 24 years data with genetics analysis capabilities.

We are strongly specialized on Bio-assays for product development and validation.

In our ATC Patagonia we offer genetics challenge tests, nutrition and feeding trials, pathogens assessments, parasites challenges, processes and operational evaluations.