With its origins dating back to prehistoric times, man has practiced genetic improvement by crossing different species of animals for agriculture and farming, seeking out the animals’ best characteristics.

The first genetic improvement program began in Norway in 1970, focusing on the growth and late maturity of Atlantic salmon and sea trout. In 1997 began the development and operation of commercial genetic programs in AquaChile, that 10 years later were to become the Aquainnovo Consortium, in conjunction with Universidad de Chile, for the development and research of genetic technology programs in aquaculture.

And in 2014, the SNP-Chip 50K —a huge library of genetic transformations —was developed as a result of Aquainnovo’s research, for the selection of improved Atlantic salmon.

Currently is a established and well-known private company specialized on commercial scale Genetic Improvement Programmes for aquaculture worldwide industry.

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